Social Club Carpet Not Cleaned For FIVE YEARS gets an overhaul!

If ever we needed reassurance that purchasing top of the range carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment was worth it, this job was it!

Five years worth of spilt drinks, ground in food and dirt brought in on shoes from outside had rendered this carpet a black sticky mess. It felt horrible to walk on, every footstep sticking to it! Would this be too much for the Airflex Pro 800PSI ? Literally the first pass with cleaner took out enough dirt that we could now see the carpet was in fact blue underneath all that sticky grime.

It was a tough one but the Airflex Pro made pretty light work of it considering. All that sugar from spilled drinks had attracted dirt like a magnet. It really isn’t worth trying a clean like this with if the cleaning company is using a machine purchased on the cheep on Ebay or a DIY machine.

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