End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

 End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

When you vacate your rented property, it has to be handed back to the letting agent or landlord. This must be in an acceptable condition, in order to receive 100% of the deposit. Therefore, our end of tenancy carpet cleaning package is the right service for you.

Nearly all tenancy agreements will stipulate that the carpets should be professionally cleaned before the keys are returned. In most instances, the agent will insist on written proof from the carpet cleaner that the job has been carried out. In most cases, they will inspect the quality of the clean. DIY end of tenancy carpet cleaning simply won’t do for most letting agents. It will end up costing you more if the agent has to arrange a clean than it would if you arranged a professional yourself.

It’s a bit of a dilemma when faced with an extra expense that you really could do without. After all, the cost of getting a professional carpet cleaner is something you could do without! However, it is essential to get a professional end of tenancy carpet clean to help ensure you get your deposit back without any hassle.

Even if your tenancy doesn’t stipulate a professional clean is needed, it is never worth doing DIY end of tenancy carpet cleaning.

Why you should get the professionals at Nethermoor Carpet Care to do your end of tenancy carpet cleaning

  • DIY carpet cleaning machines can not clean as deeply and efficiently as our professional machines can.
  • It is stressful enough moving house, so why make it more stressful?
  • If you cause damage to the carpets through over wetting or using the wrong detergents then you may find that your deposit is not enough to cover the damage. We are fully trained, highly experienced and also fully insured!

So save yourself the hassle and potential risk, please call us on 07929 364080 to discuss your carpet cleaning needs.