Cleaning Your Carpet- How To Look After Your Carpets Properly

If you look after your carpet properly, it should serve you well for years. When cleaning your carpet – skimping over with a vacuum once in a while isn’t enough. The grit and dirt that becomes trapped in the carpet fibres act like thousands of tiny razor blades chaffing the fibres and wearing them away.

The result is that your carpet will become less plush and get dirty again more quickly after cleaning as the damaged, frayed fibres hold on to dirt better.

Tips for cleaning your carpet

Vacuum your carpet regularly and more often in high traffic areas. But it’s no good vacuuming if your hoover has had it. Make sure your cleaner is in good condition. A vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes is better for carpets than a cylinder cleaner with a carpet attachment. Rotating brushes and suction lift the dirt out of the carpet more efficiently than suction alone. Check brushes for wear regularly; they can usually be replaced very easily.

If your cleaner is has a bag, change it regularly. Don’t wait until it is full. A full bag means that suction and therefore cleaning power is dramatically reduced. Replace the bag when no more than three-quarters full.

Most vacuum cleaners have filters; these can become clogged and reduce suction. Foam filters and even some paper filters can be washed. Dry them thoroughly before refitting to your appliance. If they can’t be washed, you should replace them regularly.

When cleaning your carpet, it is better to pass slowly once or twice over an area than pass several times quickly. Slow passes will remove much more dirt.

Regular professional deep cleaning will remove dirt that has managed to sneak deeper into your carpet pile. If you are tempted to try and save money by doing a DIY clean, a word of warning. DIY machines don’t have the power of a professional carpet cleaning system such as our Airflex Pro 800psi. So a DIY clean simply won’t clean as well and won’t dry as well. This means your carpet will be damp for longer, which will attract more dirt if you walk on it before it’s properly dry, leading to the carpet becoming grimy again much quicker.

You get what you pay for

Beware of carpet cleaning companies offering cheap cleaning. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Many discount cleaners are using DIY type machines and offer inferior cleaning; many more are offering what looks like a cheap deal but then making their money with lots of add-ons. Take a look at our blog post on rogue cleaners here. We will quote you for a truly professional clean with no hidden extras. Call us today for a no obligation quote on 01274 886020 or 07929 364080.

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