MATTRESS CLEANING : Do you know who you will be sharing your bed with tonight?

With few exceptions mattresses are probably one of the most unhygienic items in your home – harbouring dust mites, bacteria, viruses, moulds and shed skin cells!

For most people their mattress represents a significant investment. Using high tech steam cleaning technology and Eco friendly, Child & Pet safe solutions, our cleaning process will clean and sanitise your mattress with the quickest possible drying times.

Our six stage Mattress cleaning process.

    1. Pre-clean inspection to identify any areas of concern or existing faults
    2. Pre-vacuum mattress with powerful dual vac equipment
    3. Pre-treat with specialist cleaning solution
    4. Clean mattress with powerful high psi extraction process
    5. Apply specialist mattress sanitiser and protector treatment
    6. Use speed dryer to facilitate drying process

When this is finished, the customer inspects and signs off the  job.

Mattresses are in use on a daily basis, yet it is one of the last pieces of furniture that we think about looking after.

The products we use for mattress cleaning can safely eliminate bacteria, odours and soiling.

Dust mites are also removed without the need for harmful chemicals and commonly used pesticides.

We will deep clean your mattress to ensure the safe removal of dust mites.
We can apply our allergy treatment which is a long term preventative anti-allergen treatment creating a healthy home.
A specific cleaning regime can be recommended to meet the individual needs of allergy sufferers.

A price guide is as follows:

Mattress-King Size
Mattress-Queen Size

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Note: The minimum charge for mattress cleaning per visit is £50, you may combine it with carpet cleaning or upholstery Cleaning service. Please be aware that no guarantee can be given for the complete removal of any stain.mites