DIY Upholstery Clean – The 7 BIG Things That Could Go Wrong!

Planning to clean your upholstery yourself? Here’s what you need to know……

What can go wrong with a DIY upholstery clean, the 7 things you must avoid


  1. Colour change and patchiness.

    Using strongly alkaline cleaning agents on your upholstery can leave patches exhibiting colour change, usually pinkish patches. Some dyes react with strongly alkaline cleaning solutions.

  2. Dye bleed.

    Again a reaction to chemicals in the cleaning agent, unsightly dye bleed is one problem that is impossible to remedy once it has occurred.

  3. Lighter patches.

    If you have previously used a stain remover on the fabric this may react with cleaning solutions and bleach the area resulting in lighter patches.

  4. Staining.

    Over wetting the area during cleaning can result in stains being transferred from materials inside the sofa. Particularly wood ad foam can transfer brown staining this way.

  5. Shrinkage.

    Common problem with cotton fabric covered sofas. These covers are often removable for washing but may be prone to shrinkage. First wash shrinkage is usually allowed for in the design but repeated washes could leave your covers too snug for comfort!

  6. Lingering damp or mouldy smell after cleaning.

    Over wetting followed by inadequate drying is the culprit here, plain and simple.

  7. Odours not fully removed.

    Pet odours, urine, cigarette smoke etc can penetrate deep into the fabric. It can be very difficult to do a DIY clean that will reach the source of these odours without over wetting the item.

When to get in the professionals

There really is no substitute for having your upholstery professionally cleaned. A professional carpet and upholstery cleaner such as Nethermoor can perform deep cleans that will get rid of odours without over wetting your upholstery and causing staining. The Airflex Pro cleaning machine removes much more water from the upholstery than machines that are available for DIY cleaning. Professional cleaning products and solutions are designed not to strip colour and Nethermoor will always perform a test patch for colour bleed and colour change prior to cleaning.

Is it really worth the hard graft of a DIY upholstery clean when Nethermoor Carpet Care can do it better, quicker and without the stress of unexpected things happening to your treasured upholstery? Call us today on  01274 886020 or 07929 364080.

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