Carpet Cleaning Prices

Prices are based on time and products used, we are affordable professional and reliable but to ensure a quality service we take as much details as possible via phone survey and offer rough estimate or we can view the carpets, floor to give an accurate written cost and also advise you on what we can achieve and any areas of concern and what to expect before going ahead.


We believe its unrealistic unprofessional and unfair to put costs without finding out as much about the carpets and issues. Professional cleaners will rarely put prices on sites and will always carry out a survey.


For example, clean and maintain carpets in large mansions to small bedsits and all and in between average carpet has 30 to 40 per cent size difference and different levels of dirt build up and different fibre types have different issues i.e. an Administer carpet can take twice as long to clean as a man-made polypropylene.


So we think it’s totally unfair to the customer to have prices without gauging information about the carpet first as I’m sure you can understand.


Some “splash and dash” as known in the trade companies are just concerned with getting in as much jobs as possible effecting reliability.


Using the wrong products can leave your carpet rotting, smelling with harmful mould. These operators use cheap powder detergents imported from Asia which are known to be carcinogenic causing worse health issues than before the clean,


Another issue is rapid re soiling this is where high alkaline products are not rinse out properly, your carpet may look clean but the high alkalinity will attract dirt, dust and the carpet over weeks will look horrendous fibres can be damaged beyond repair especially wool which is not suitable to high alkalinity


Our guarantee is reliability and cleaning the carpets bringing them back to their best attainable state,


Carpet cleaners without these measure in place can lead you up the garden path ruin your carpets meaning you have to buy new ones and no one’s held accountable. They are often not insured, police checked or trained. Do you really want these cowboys in your home with all the risks involved?


For a thorough professional carpet, upholstery and leather care clean, call us on 01274 886020.