Carpet Cleaning Halifax

Want a recommended Carpet and Upholstery cleaning technician you can trust, to get the very best results? Our unique 9 stage cleaning service will transform the look of your carpets and upholstery.

Don’t take my word for it. See our Facebook reviews. We have 11 reviews and each review gave us a maximum 5 stars.

Selected customers also completed a Customer Satisfaction Survey in December and the results were as follows.

  • Did the technician deliver the results and quality that was promised?

Better than Expected 50%

As Expected                 50%

Less than Expected       0%

Very Poor                        0%


  • I will use the services of Nethermoor Carpet Care again the future?

Definitely                     100%

More than Likely             0%

Unlikely                             0%

Never again                      0%


  • I will recommend the services of Nethermoor Carpet Care to my friends and family?
  • Definitely 100%
  • More than Likely 0%
  • Unlikely 0%
  • Never again 0%


09/12/15 Mrs B of Hipperholme “Very friendly service, with a smile. Excellent results, thank you”

15/12/15 Mrs P of Queensbury “Would recommend to anyone. Really professional and indepth”

03/12/15 Mrs B of Queensbury “Excellent service and great value for money. Tom is a genuine professional and has done a fantastic job on our carpets. Very pleased and highly recommended”

02/12/15 Mr K of Thornton “Excellent, professional and friendly service. Tom has done a wonderful job on my carpets. I would highly recommend Nethermoor for a brilliant and thorough clean.”

Call us on 01274 886020 or visit our website and complete a booking form. Alternatively, email me Jafter professional cleaning Professional carpet cleaning Carpet cleaning afterCarpet cleaning before