Calder Valley Floods – A Call to Action

On Boxing Day I heard about the devastating floods that had taken place in Calder Valley and Lancashire on my way home from visiting my family in Birmingham for Christmas. It wasn’t until I arrived back home that I realised the true extent of what had taken place. Therefore, the following day, I decided to take a drive to Mytholmroyd and view the floods myself. As I was driving into the valley from and from the road I could see the devastation of what had taken place. People outside, moving stuff out of their homes that had been damaged by the floods.


I arrived in Mytholmroyd and was taken aback at the sheer scale of the disaster that had engulfed the area. My first port of call was the community Centre. The waters had been 5 foot high from the water line on the walls. The electrics had not been approved and therefore, I was unable to help with clearing the hard floors for them. However, a monumental effort was under way with many skips piled high with flood damaged goods.


I then decided to take a look at Burnley Road Junior & Infants School at Mytholmroyd. I spoke to the Head Teacher and she confirmed that everything on the ground floor was a write off, pictures enclosed. This includes desks, boards, computers and even a piano. I abandoned any attempt to use my machines that required electricity as like the community centre, the electrics had not been safety approved post flood.


I therefore, helped move flood write off damaged items from carpets, tiles and other materials into the skips. I had to do my bit for this disaster zone. The community spirit was amazing, from security firms watching out for looters to Asian takeaways in Burnley and Bradford bringing hot food for the local people. It was a true togetherness.


Since this time I have been back to Mytholmroyd a number of times. This last week I hard floor cleaned the Best Practice Training Centre. This was on higher ground, but was a holding centre for flood victims. Therefore, the floor had suffered damage from footfall of wellington and other rubber soled boots. They did consider replacing the whole floor to the cost of £1000’s. However, I managed to find a solution and cleaning process to bring the floor back to a very clean and hygienic standard.


The floods may have gone but the work still continues. Nethermoor Carpet Care will continue to work with the local community to get Mytholmroyd back to normal as possible.


We are here to advice on all types of floor and sofa cleaning issues. We even have a stain emergency hotline that is free of charge. I can often give advice on the phone. My number is 01274 886020.