How To Avoid Rogue Carpet Cleaning Companies

A feature recently on Watchdog highlighted a very worrying trick that a well known national carpet cleaning company are using to scam customers out of large sums of money. This trick has caught out vast numbers of people resulting in them paying significantly more for their carpet and upholstery cleaning than they planned on doing.

So what’s the carpet cleaning scam?

This unscrupulous sales scam is known as bait and hook. The scam involves advertising a carpet clean for the ridiculously cheap price of under £9 but pushing the sale of treatments for your carpet and upholstery which bumps the price up into the hundreds.

Ok, so “up selling” is a legitimate way for many businesses to increase their sales. What makes this a scam is that the basic carpet clean on offer for under £9, won’t actually clean your carpet very much, if at all. When caught by  BBC’s Watchdogs secret cameras, the manager admitted to a new recruit that the basic clean for under £9 would not work on most carpets!

In order to have a proper clean, the company will add shampoo to your clean for extra cost, and they will add a dirt inhibitor to help prevent re-soiling for yet more extra cost. So the price is hiked up into the hundreds of pounds, just like that! One consumer highlighted on the show ended up parting with £500 to have her carpet and sofa cleaned.

How do they manage to convince people to spend so much more than they had planned?

Well it seems that the rogue rug cleaners insist on doing a demo before they carry out the full clean. As you can imagine, the demo shows the more expensive clean will give the customer significantly better results. In fact, what they are demonstrating is the fact the cheap under £9 clean doesn’t clean the carpet at all!

Avoiding rogue carpet cleaners

If you are contacting a cleaning company in response to a special offer, ask the company what is included in the offer before you invite them into your home. You should also check that they are fully insured to clean your carpets and upholstery. Remember, if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

A trustworthy professional cleaning company such as Nethermoor will come to your home, look at the carpets and upholstery you need cleaning and give you a full no obligation written quotation for your clean with no hidden extras . Our cleaning is second to none and is carried out by our Smartclean trained and CRB checked technicians.

We don’t advertise ridiculously cheap cleans to hook customers. Because we don’t need to! Most of our business comes from our happy clients recommending us to their friends and family. Don’t fall victim to rogue carpet cleaning companies, call us today on  01274 886020 or 07929 364080 to discuss your requirements.